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6th of December: Mystery Rave



Music always played a key role in my life.
Around 1993 house music really got my attention.
In 1996, my brother, a friend from Rotterdam and I got the oppertunity to start a concept in a Club in Asten which we named: The Rave temple which was later changed to Cooner. The first club in Asten where Hardcore was played. It was so impressive to see some DJ's at work so I decided it was the time to swap my CD's for Vinyl.
So my first "hardcore" vinyl was a fact. (Brothers in crime - Forever)
From that time I've been playing hardcore music but also Hardtrance/Club/Belgium/Jump, playing at local parties like: The Sphere, Apocolypse, Invasion and more.

At the moment my main focus is:
Early hardcore/Hardcore/Hardstyle/Jump/Oldschool/Classics.

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6th of December: Mystery Rave

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RIP: - Mid-Town - Eindhoven

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My favorite websites:
- http://www.followthewhiterabbit.eu
- http://www.flyerstudio.nl
- http://www.partyflock.nl


More and more DJ's are swapping the good old vinyl for the digital CD players. With the CD player having much more technical options, it might be inevitable, but I will stick to vinyl as long as possible!! You have to go with the time but it looks like today, DJ-ing is a visual thing which has less to do with the hearing part... Next to that, everyone is a DJ, with easy access to MP3's @ no costs.. :-(

For me nothing beats the looks and sound of a DJ spinning the wheels. Those who can mix vinyl can mix anything!


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